Hi all & welcome to my 2nd WBCOOP blog. The WBCOOP (World Blogging Championship of Online Poker) is a series of 30 poker tournaments with a $5000 GTD main event at the end. The event is open to anyone posting a blog to answer the question "What has been your best moment on Pokerstars?". Once you've qualified you get 10 tickets to play in any of the 30 events.You can find my blog entry HERE.


With 10 events to play out of the 30 & me out of 15 of them due to work commitments I realised I'd have to play some forms of poker that I've rarely (sometimes never) played in the past.

1) Event #4 NLHE/PLO (Turbo)

I know Ohaha is becoming pretty popular but I've never really taken the time to try & learn it. I decided this event would be ok though as at least I'm spending half the time playing my game - NL Hold'em.

It was horrible & to be honest I can't remember a great deal about it apart from the headache I was suffering from after what turn out to be only 4 5-minute levels of Omaha. What a strange game.

End position: 233/314

2) Event #5 HLHE Shootout

This really is MY game, even more-so than regular NLH tourneys as it's basically just 3 S&G's, which is the form of poker I feel I'm strongest at. So, I just used my regular S&G strategy & took down the first level pretty comfortably, guaranteeing me my first SCOOP ticket. The second level was far more difficult, much stronger players & not the best cards so I played it tight & hung on, eventually finding myself below my starting stack with 5 players remaining. It's at times like this that it's time to change gears & look for opportunities to shove & re-steal. Things started going a lot better & I made it to Heads-up with around 30% of the chips. A short heads-up battle followed which I was able to dominate to book my place on the final table, guaranteeing a $55 SCOOP ticket! Fantastic!

The final table is where my luck turned for the worst. I got off to a decent start but then found myself with AT on the button. Action folded to me & I raised. Short-stack in BB shoved & I called. AT vs small pocket pair (can't remember which but under 10) - no help came & I'm down to half the starting stack. A few hand later & I'm dealt KK, shoved & get 1 caller with 66. 6 hit the flop & I'm out. Still, I'm very happy with my $55 ticket & I feel I didn't make any mistakes in the whole tourney

I just hope I can play so well when the time comes to actually use my $55 SCOOP ticket.

3) Event #9 PLO Hi/Lo

If regular PLO was confusing, this was absolutely ridiculous. I didn't have a clue what was going on & when one of my opponents called me a fish early on I decided it was time to read up on the rules & tactics. After reading them I was perhaps even more confused but at least I knew what a good starting hand was & understood the low-hands (sort of). With a ridiculous amount of good luck I won a huge hand (I won't try to expain it as I wasn't really sure what happened at the time). From then I decided I'd play extremely tight & fold my way to a SCOOP ticket. In the end I made 46th/286 for a $10 SCOOP ticket. Excellent!

4) Event #10 7-Card Stud

I have a reasonable understanding of 7-Card Stud. I'm terrible at it, but at least I know what's going on After 2 hours of what was a very slow tournament I was sitting on 4660 chips 83rd/166 (295 started, 96 paid). Unfortunately couldn't find any luck & busted out 106th, just short of the prizes.

6 events left, how many more tickets can I win?