It's the end of another decent month for me in my challenge to build my bankroll from $250 to $2500. Here's a reminder of my goals & how I feel things have gone for me over the last 28 days.

1) BUILD MY BANKROLL FROM $250 to $2500

A fairly steady month of 5NL Zoom saw me make a total profit of $45.13. I hit a peak of $50 after 8050 hands but dropped a little after moving up to $0.05/$0.10 Full-Ring games. Here's my graph:

I think there was a couple a reasons for my lack of success after moving up in stakes to $0.05/$0.10. First, I started without having any information on the opposition. In 5NL Zoom I've built up a lot of info, over 1000 hands on some opponents, & most of them are colour-coded so I know what I'm up against each time a new table opens. There also seems to be less fishy players in the higher stakes. I'm not going to give up though. I'll be playing a mix of 5NL Zoom & the higher stake ring games in March. I will try to select tables which I feel have more weak players & switch tables when I find myself sat at a tough one.

I made a decent amount of money playing tournaments in February, largely due to cashing for $37.50 PSO's fantastic Big Bang tournament. I also made a $62.50 cash in Full Tilt's 25K Rush week freeroll which put me past my first bankroll building target of $500. I also had some success in S&G's, making over $30 profit overall. Here's my graph:

As you can see, I had a bad run towards the end of the month. Sometimes I have runs where I feel like I just can't win. It doesn't matter what my opponent needs to suck out, I just know he's going to hit it before it comes. He usually hits on the river to make it as painful as possible. I think that feeling like this also affects my game so it's better to play lower stake games until things turn around.

A lot of that bad luck came in the PSO Premier League where I struggled to get any decent results  for the whole month. On Feb 28th I found myself in 970th position, needing around 30 points from my final game to keep my Premier League status for March. I played a good tournament, making 13th place which was my best result of the month. Hopefully I can make the money in March.

So, a quick summary for February:


Cash: $45.13 profit
S&G: $32.86 profit
MTT: $95.19 profit
Bonus: $19.94 (Full Tilt deposit bonus/Edge rewards)


JAN: +$106.53
FEB: +$193.12

A good month overall. I guess a good goal for March would be to make my next target of $750. For that I need to make $200.35 profit for the month. I'm going to need the bad luck I was having at the end of February to turn around pretty quick if that's going to be possible.


I've watched a few videos this month & attended a couple of live training sessions & it always helps I think watching training videos is an excellent thing to do when things aren't going so well at the tables.


I've identified another problem with my game this month. I think I'm not playing my stack size well when around 15-25bbs in tournaments. In these spots I need to be raising with only the strongest hands & looking for opportunities to re-steal shove. With this stack size raising lighter/stealing isn't the best thing to do as raise-folding is giving your stack too much of a hit. I'll be working on this in March.


I haven't done well with this in March. I've played poker (or trained) for at least 2 hours every day. I'm taking a week off work in mid-March to do some DIY so I expect to at least take a few days off while I'm working on the house & garden. The only problem is, my week of work is during Micro Millions! Ooops...

5) EARN 5000VPPs

My plan is to earn at least 150VPPs in February & March while I work on clearing my deposit bonus on Full Tilt. Starting in April I'll then play only on Pokerstars with an aim of making & maintaining Silverstar status (500VPPs a month) for the rest of the year. This would take me nicely to my 5000VPP target in the most profitable way possible. I made the 150VPP's in February & cleared some of my Full Tilt deposit bonus so I'm happy


I've made 2 trips to my local casino to take part in their weekly £5 tournament. Unfortunately I failed to cash in either of them but I feel I played ok. I really need to pay more attention to what's going on at the tables & try to pick up some reads on my opponents. There's a lot more limping & calling going on than when playing online & I need to be taking advantage of this too.

So, overall February has been a really good month for me & I'd be very happy if I can repeat that in March. To recap, at the moment I'm playing the following games:

5NL Zoom/10NL Ring Games
$1.50 & $3.50 S&G's
$2.50 Turbo 180man S&G's
MTT's up to $5.50
Satellites up to $3.30
PSO Premier Skill League
100K Privilege Freerolls
FPP Freerolls/Satellites

TARGET 2 - $750 (move to level 3) back to Level 1 if down to $350

I'm hoping for a nice MTT result in March, hopefully a deep run in a Micro Millions event. My MTT game is going to be the main focus of my training.

For regular updates check my thread in the forum

Thanks for reading