Well, we're half way through January & things are going well so far. Progress is a little slow but at least I am making progress & there are a few things that could potentially speed things up later in the month.

Last year I more-or-less broke even playing Zoom & realised that the main reason for this was me not being able to let go of strong hands in situations where I'm likely to be behind. Sometimes I'd read the hand perfectly, think I'm behind, but still call off more chips anyway. I've really worked on that so far & it's made quite a lot of difference

Here's my graph of Zoom games (95% 5NL full-ring):

As for tournaments, I went on a really bad run of having some terrible bad-beats. I'll probably post a couple of the hands in my  forum thread soon. However, I've turned things round in the past few days Here's my graph of tournament results:

I haven't played many so far as I've been concentrating on the PSO Premier League in which I've cashed 6 times & made 3 final tables (1st, 2nd & 6th). I'm currently sitting in 12th place so as long as things don't go horribly wrong I should be getting a nice boost to my bankroll at the end of the month, along with another shot in February.

I also have a couple of free tournament tickets to play later in the month, a $11 Mini FTOPS ticket (won from the FTPs I earnt whilst playing with the $20 Ring-game ticket I got for signing up from Pokerstars at the end of last year) + a $27 TCOOP ticket for a $100 deposit (see below). I'll be playing event 42 on Sat 26th Jan.

So, I started with a bankroll of $162.11. I wanted to make this $250 but deposited $100 using the code TCOOP to get a free $27 tourney ticket which means I need to withdraw $12.11 at some point to round it down to $250.

At the moment I have $326.88 which for my challenge gives me (-12.11):

$314.77 = $64.77 profit so far

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