Hi everyone & welcome to my first attempt at a blog which I'm writing to complete Mission 2 of PokerSchool Online's Million Club.

I have watched quite a few videos now but the ones I've found to be most useful are SpaceGravy's 6 part series on STT strategies, particularly the third part, 'Playing the Short Stack' which can be found here:


In this video spacegravy gives some great advice about how to play with 10 Big Blinds and less, including his shove charts. He then shows us how to put this into practice by playing a few Hyper-Turbo tourneys. It's great to be able to get this sort of advice from such a successful player who makes a living from playing these tournaments online. I thought the advice given here was excellent & he explains everying very clearly.

I've also found that you can use these strategies in multi-table SNG's. In fact, I played 30 SNG's on Pokerstars during October (9, 18 & 27 man, with buy-ins of $1.50, $3.50 & $7) using what I learnt from Spacegravy & made almost $200.

The only negative thing I can think of is that these videos are also available to all of my opponents on PokerSchool online... Hopefully there will be more videos or a live training session from him in the future.