1) The Raiser's Edge: Tournament Strategy for Today's Aggressive Game
2) The Mental Game of Poker: Proven Strategies for Improving Tilt, Control, Confidence, Motivation, Coping with Variance, and More by Jared Tendler
3) The Mental Game of Poker 2: Proven Strategies for Improving Poker Skill, Increasing Mental Endurance, and playing in the zone consistently by Jared Tendler and Barry Carter Total: $127.81 (Purchased)
4) Positive Poker: A Modern Psychological Approach to Mastering Your Mental Game by  Jonathan Little and Dr.Patricia Cardner (estimated delivery: Oct 29th 2015)
5) How to Be a Poker Player: The Philosophy of Poker by Haseeb Qureshi (estimated delivery: Oct 30- Nov 6 2015)
6) Moorman's Book of Poker; Improve Your Poker Game with Moorman, the most successful online poker tournament player in history by Chris Moorman, Byran Jacobs, Doyle Brunson (estimated delivery: Oct 29th 2015)
7) Elements of Poker by Tommy Angels  (estimated delivery: Nov 20-24 2015)
#8 Texas Holdem Odds and Probabilities: Limit, No Limit and Tournament Strategies by Matthew Hilger (estimated delivery: Oct 29th 2015)
Total: $159.24
9) Jonathan Little's Excelling At No-Limit Hold'em (available for pre-ordering as early as next month Mar. 6, 2015 through all major retailers and the expected release date is June 13th, 2015)
10) Red Chip Poker: Late Position (Volume 1) by Doug Hall, James "SplitSuit" Sweeney, Christian Soto
11) Applications of No-Limir Hold'em: A Guide to Understanding Theoretically Sound Poker by Matthew Janda
12) The Poker Blueprint: Advanced Strategies for crushing Micro & Small stakes by Tri Nguyen
13) Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen
Total: $188.63

14) Kill Everyone: Advanced Strategies for No Limit Hold'em Poker Tournaments and Sit-N-Gos by Lee Nelson, Tyson Streib and Steve Heston

15) Kill Phil: The Fast Track to Success in No Limit-Holdem by Blair Rodman, Lee Nelson and Steve Heston
16) The Main Event with Jonathan Little: An In-Depth Analysis of 54 Poker Hands from my WSOP Main Event by Jonathan Little
17) Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volume 1 by Jonathan Little
#1 Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volume 2 by Jonathan Little
19) Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volume 3 by Jonathan Little
20) Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments by Jonathan Little
21) The Making of a Poker Player by Matt Matros
22) Stop! 10 Things Good Poker Players Don’t do by Ed Miller, James Sweeney, Christian Soto, Doug Hall
23) Poker Plays You Can Use by Doug Hall, Ed Miller
24) Poker’s 1% The Big Secret That Keeps Elite Players on Top by Ed Miller

25) Verbal Poker Tells by Zachary Elwood

26) Analytical No-Limit Hold’em : Crushing Mid-Stakes Short-Handed Games by Thomas Bakker
27) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Poker Players by Ashton Cartwright
2 Reading Poker Tells by Zachary Elwood
29) Playing the Player: Moving Beyond  ABC Poker to Dominate Your Opponents by Ed Miller
30)  Real Grinders: How to Play Poker for a Living by Ashton Cartwright

31) Essential Poker Math: Fundamental No Limit Hold’em Mathematics You Need to Know by Alton Hardin
32) Poker Math That Matters: Simplifying the Secrets of No-Limit Hold’em by Owen Gaines
33) Strategies for Beating Small Poker Tournaments by Jonathan Little
34) The Course: Serious Hold’Em Strategy For Smart Players by Ed Miller
35) Playing the Player by Ed Miller
36) Poker Workbook for Math Geeks by Doug Hall

37) Exploitative No Limit Hold’em: An Expert’s Insight on How to Become a Winning Poker Player by Paul Ratchford
3 Treat Your Poker Like a Business by Dusty Schmidt
39) The No-Limit Hold’em Workbook: Exploiting Regulars by Tri “Slowhabit” Nguyen
40) How to Read Hands at No-Limit Hold’em by Ed Miller
41) Power Hold’em Strategy by Daniel Negreanu

42) Crushing Online Sit and Go’s by Greg Jones
43) Poker’s Postflop Course Part 1: Advanced Analysis of Exploitative Postflop Play in No-Limit Hold’em: The River by Owen Gaines
44) Postflop vol 1 + 2: The Edge You Need in No Limit Hold’em Poker by Ben Hayles