What you should do is look at your play and ask yourself whether it's profitable in the long run. That is, put whatever the actual outcome was out of your mind and look at it objectively. What we should always try to do as poker players is look for the best move (the move with the highest expectation) at any given time. If you always make the best possible move, you'll always make money in the long term. There will of course be times when you make the best move and still lose; that is inevitable, since poker is a game that is influenced by luck. Bad plays are going to get rewarded, but that doesn't all of a sudden make their moves good. Put the short term completely out of your mind and focus only on making the best decision at any given time. Good results are destined to follow.One of the most important things I've learned playing poker is that it's more important to be process-oriented rather than results-oriented. As long as you go through the right process to give yourself the best chance to succeed long-term, you will succeed eventually. Even when things aren't going your way, you still have to believe that your fortunes will improve. It's all about positive thinking. The journey is just as important as the destination. Make decisions that are the right play long-term and long-term you will have more success than those players who make bad decisions and solely rely on short-term variance to bail them out.