I must say, happiness is grinding away and building a bankroll...

I have gotten away from league as my stats would indicate.  But I was able to get wifi on mymobile app and playing all month of June. My last post I wanted to do well and earn a Big Band ticket with 3 top 400 finishes in League play. Well, did place well in the beginning but no 3 in a row.  

I got me a deposit and started playing with some success.  Earned enough to try the Sunday Storm.  Big Slick failed me and I lost to pocket Tens but placed 191st seven hours later. Final Table was my goal and want to return Sunday and do it.  

As for the Big Bang... well, I hope I am worthy of a Blog stamp with this blog... you see, my game has improved to 'money making' status.  Poker School has helped with that  especially sitting in on the Live Training, even signed fup for the Twitch app.

I used up my free tornaments tickets from Poker School but have picked up Poker Stars challenge tickets I have earned in my daily grind.

I am no longer 'bubble boy' and while I have not yet won or final tabled a tournament of note, I am earning myslef some money.

I look forward to hitting a major payday and am working on my game along the way.

I will participate more in the Live Training having submitted some Boom Hands for discussion.  I thank them for advice that had me alter my game and brought it in line and better play.

I ask myself if I deserve a Blog stamp and Big Bang ticket... perhaps, but I am currently busy playing Pokerstars tournaments but wouldn't mind one. I know I would do well if I did...