Well, I got to play in the Open League finally after a bit of a without wifi forced break... but thankfully, I have the Pokerstars mobile app.

My cell plan however is not limitless so it's kind of on a time limit and I decided to try win a Big Bang entry with 3 consecutive Top 400 finishes... I managed to place 24th... wahoo!

I miss my poker, even having playing only 5 hours over 4 days this year at my local casino.  Made a tiny profit but still ahead.

That is why I like League play and if I could play more internet poker, I would definitely make it my goal to make the Premier League.  I know I can but I know I can't... not without internet access.

So my goal is to get to the Big Bang tourney and work toward getting an internet provider or through my Mobile app cell plan.

And I miss my Pokerstar chats... there are worldly.  Who knows who may strike up a conservation of interest...

I even posted my Boom AA in the forum Wednesay with Lee Jones and hope to hang out and chat on Twitch... and a $11 ticket would also be nice.

So with my win, my league rank is 1977 with a score of 1584 which I hope to build on.  Premier League, here I come...

This is my blog... hopefully, Star blog.

See you at the tables!