The lose of my QT was unworthy of a Star Blog so no stamp, no Big Bang entry.

QT made me feel a winner in life.

When it comes to poker, I will also lose hands.  But I have developed my skills and have made a concentrated effort towards being a better poker player.  PokerSchoolOnline helps me with that.

When I first began playing online, I never broke the bubble nor won a tournament.

Today, I have burst many bubbles, played the final tables, have earned tournament wins.

By playing in the PSO Open League, I have become a better class of loser having worked my way up to the Premier League and I shall return there next month.

I will never win every hand, nor finish ITM every tournament.  But I strive to make myself a better player, better bankroll manager and have fun at the game I enjoy.

Being on a fixed income, I can not afford expensive poker lessons but Pokerstars had many freeroll opportunities. Hence, I have the title 'Big Game Waiter' which, at first, I associated with hunting and a restaraunt.  "Would you like gravy with that Elk?"

But, no.  It means that while I am not at the skill level to throw money into buy-in's I can't afford, I can practise, practise, pratise... or is it practice, practice, practice!

Yes, you can me a loser and I will share with you how my pocket A's got cracked... but what I lost I also gained.  Perhaps it will be a tell I can capitalize on next time.

So if I am going to be a loser... I want to be the best loser I can.

Because when I get to the Final table of the Big game... and should I lose head-ups.  I would have already won.