It was the last game of the Premier League and I was able to play.  I had had a good month which should have been better and I know the future months I can do better still.

But the last game, I was chip stacking okay until I was moved to a table with chat happening in non-English.  And when it came to chatter while I was involved in a play, I felt uncomfortable as I didn't know what they were saying to one another. And as I was involved, and questioned my play as what to do, I merely excused myself "I don't understand what you guys are saying so I am sitting out" and I did...


I didn't understand the chatter that carried on but I knew they were bewildered... I then logged off completely out of the game.  I was like 40th with 107 remaining...

After a time going about my non-poker life, I decide to check where my chip stack had placed me at... but surprise, I wasn't blinded out yet.  I had 500+ chips remaining so I decided to play them out.

Then, who should be move onto the table two seats to my left... Jellyfish999.

Now, Jelly has called me 'calling station', berated my lone bronze star, has railed my games with annoying chats that I ended up turning off, and other general bewilderments.  So what does he do, instantly points out my short stack.

My quick prayer of please let me hit enough to at least survive longer than Jelly or take him out myself.  I was answered as I shoved my short stack and won. I bided my time, putting up with Jelly talk and then it happened.

I now had the chip stack over Jelly and when play came to me I called and Jelly, next to act came along.  I had the Jelly, hook, line and sinker.... It was a 3-way all-in and I took it down.

My wish was granted to the extreme as I took out Jelly and built up my chip stack once again.

Bonus was making final table and finishing my first month in Premier League 88th place and a 1753 score...

With more focus, I think I can do well in March.  And I will follow Jelly's advice, in part, I will get the 150VPP's for April.  And then I can make finishing top ten a more rewarding goal.

Thank you Premier League and look forward to March