To win a Guiness World Record out of 230,000 runners would set a new world record over last year's record of 225,000 runners and won by Mr.SlavaPro.

"Look at Mr.SlavaPro's recent results at *************.... It looks like he might have had a somewhat better day than usual... Smile" was one comment I came across.

A $25,000 windfall was order of the day for Mr.Pro.  And while his poker record up until that day was modest... he did play alot more poker after that.

And that, in short, is what I want to accomplish on my day.

My largest field finish of  25,000+ was in the top 250... or 1%. To accomplish 1% here, I would be up in the top 2,300 and I can do that.  I know what is involved with large fields and I must ride out the wave.  As you know, donkey's don't swim well.  So that leaves the fishes and the sharks.

Don't sleep with the fishes.  You must be active and stock those fish and chips to new heights.  And table selection is beyond one's control so a table ful sof sharks would be rough waters.

But sharks are just another kind of fish, donkey's may do you a favor and kick out some sharks.  Or wait for the bully shark to make his play on you're AA's.  Or start a feeding fenzy by sacrificing some chips and get the betting circle going and bail before the fenzy starts.  So at a small fraction of your chip stack, many sharks may have paid a bigger price.  And if things go according to plan, your favorite donkey will be holding your chips for you, which you get off them later.

And as my mentor says, 'the clock will eliminate more than you ever will!' and so me,being old, I have an excuse to move slow.  And when the blinds begin eliminating, then you can pick on the short stakes.  And if you watch carefully, you can run interference on bully sharks and perhaps get a donkey, fish, and a shark, in one pot.

The basis underlying plan of attack is... wait for it!   ...PATIENCE.

Wait for your time to play and get into the action.  But you have been watching, even scoping your opponents poker history before game start.  Since you rely on just your noggin' don't forget to be well rested, refreshed for long haul, tendious focus but active all the time even though you fold... fold... fold...fold.

And once I have comleted my task, I can proudly display my Guiness Book of World Record participation certificate, which goes nice with $25,000 - $30,000.

So, to eliminate 229,999, I must start with one table.  See you Sunday