In order to deep run and win your share of large field mtt’s to pick up those huge (relative to the buy in) scores you have to find ways to accumulate chips without having a hand.

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I had a game earlier in the weak, where I was 'in the zone'.  I was in sync with the game, my reads were there, I was getting max value on my bets, my chip stack was growing.  My traps were set and chips were being handed over, my folds were valid, the game seemed flawless.

Then, life interrupted and I had to leave the table, leaving my big stack to blind out.  

But I remember that feeling, it defined the multitasking that occurs, while maintaining your game.  The limpers, the callers, the big blind folders... 

Yes, there is luck in poker but skill puts you over the top.  I think rule #3 of mine counters luck... 'WHEN you have the nuts, make them pay!'

February, I move up in league play.  I have other leagues starting too, that have a smaller field, better pay outs, and competition (less donk)  And I still want to have my distance run come Sundays, whether I bankroll it or satellite it... I still see it as part of my developement in MTTs.

MTTs are my focus and freeroll play and tickets, will get me into play, while adding to my bankroll without the risk.  I am hoping anyway, that my bankroll as well as my experience grows.