Bankroll management... that's under development right now.  It would help I not spent the small achievements I have accomplished, especially towards my weekly goal of entering the Sunday Storm.  I should of had built up the entry this week but backslided, losing it rather than saving it.

So more bank mangement.

Anyway, my nephew, and fellow Pelican, he earned a ticket in the 3FPP re-buy satellite.  I don't know if any re-buy's or add-on's but 1 would equal 6FPP or more.  I say this because, I too, entered a satellite, the 5FPP rebuy.  I, however, only had 5FPP in my account while pkr fiend005 had a 1,000+

I met my goal and chasing down my Top 500 finish PokerSchool League, currently ranked 918, I hope to finish strong and earn that invite to the Premier League.

Also, my BRM league finishes, and I am 181.  A good finish should bring my standing up.

Come Monday, I hope my bankroll benefits...