I answered a question about anti-tilt, when you lose and you freeze up.  Play scare and stuff.  There is another complexity to this, the anxiety to win.  You want to win, you know you can win so cut to the chase, then sit on the sideline knowing that was dumb.

Discipline is the ability to fold AK, cause it is a drawing hand.  Money managements means not grinding out a MTT bankroll to lose it on Ring Games.  There are no shortcuts that are effective, usually counterproductive, so don't disrupt the grind.

Game selection and time management also need consideration... I don't know, I think there are formats that I targeting so I be more focused on finding these structures to play until achieve my goal.

My ideal game was interrupted yesterday, as I amassed a decent chip stack and play was automatic.  I was playing two tournament at the time and final table were reasonable expectations.  But I had real life responsibilities that took me away from my games and when I returned, I was blinded out one and just blinded out 107 with 90 paid out.

THe month of February will bring new goals to achieve.  Such I regain my standing and earn an invite to the premier league, that would be an upgrade. 

I am checking shares or selling shares,  I like that.  I have joined the forum to discuss such discussions... but that another possibility.  I have see how I rank and that, althought initial stats show mark improvement.  I think it is interesting to see when I played more offlne history, my tournaments and casino cash tables.

This term will end on flux but what goes up can go up again so I have time to perform a respectable finish...