Well, thanks Big Bang!

Thanks PokerschoolSchool for the Open Poker League, and Premier League, for you have continue to assist in my development as a poker player.

I got my entry into the Big Bang but busted out before the bubble.  So, encouraged that 3 consecutive top 400 finish would garner a stamp and an entry to Big Bang 2.  Done.

And then I started to follow what league standings were about and where I stood.  I really didn't paid attention to the statistics before but now I became aware.  Favorable finishes during my Big Bang run improved my standings to 588th.  I found out top 500 get an invite to the Premier League.

Great.  Another goal to work toward.  And the rewards are there for me to collect.

I am playing well.  I need to learn other components of poker to keep me playing like bankroll management.  Build up a bankroll only to lose it breaking the basic bankroll management lesson, don't spend it all at once.  Thankfully, there's freeroll.

It was not so long ago when Leaderboards didn't apply to me.  Sure, I would check them out of curiousity but now its to see my name and where I stand ON the leaderboard.  

At my current stage of developement, I have bursted the bubble and have cash in.  I don't worry now whether I will EVER make a final table but when the next one will be...  So I work on my game where I can.  Again Pokerschool encourage me to attend Live Training sessions by offering additional freeroll opportunities.  Thanks again.

I also have began reaching out and chatting with others, blogging, posting and interchanging of poker talk, and have met other members that are fun and encouraging.  They are nasty talkers out there, like one rude player who tried insult me... I put him out next hand.  

I thank zzHONEYBEEzz for her advice that helped me in our league play.  Final table not long after that advice.  And other players I have chatted with makes me look forward to playing in the Premier League.  I like that.

Thank you and please excuse me while I get back to piling my chips...