My attempts to get back into Big Bang 2 freeroll has had limited success...

The first Big Bang, I got an email informing me of my 3 top 400 places earned me an Big Bang entry.  But my blog also got stamped so I was entered either way.

I did not make the bubble as my pocket 9s ran into pocket 10's... it was a click I regarded but couldn't take back.  But that was that.

So I have began with a top 400 finish which was okay but my run was enough for the first of three top 400 placings... except the second top 400 was actually top 1000 then I again place top 400 whci would have been my 3rd.

But not, I begin again bursting out what would have been my second of three. 

Back to square one but I can get it done.

In Big Bang 2, I intend to do better...