Wifi issues have cost me a final table once again causing me to miss out on free money from my freeroll undertakings.  But its free and there's another one and another one.

I play in the freeroll league and heading into the final stretch, I should earn an additional freeroll for the top finishers and I still have a shot to make top 30 and secure additional prize payout.

Freerolls are a challenge.  I swim with fishes, battle sharks and donkeys, sometimes a huge field but I practise what I learn from PokerSchool, tutorials, magazines, tweets... information I can put into effective use.

I have burst the bubble late last year and am now finishing in the money.  And since it is free, any prize is bonus.

What I take from freerolls I hope to capitalize on it further what I do lay down actual $... I will be prepared for that risk.  And with that preparation, earn a big pay day!

Then I can get a more secure internet connection...