That's what happens when I am in 4th position among the chipleaders winding down with less than 40 players remaining...  then the lights go out (on my wifi) and $2.20 tourney.

Damn you wifi!

First place of $200 or so was attainable... but when it finallys reconnects me, I am now small stack... aaugh!  It is maddening to sit and grind just to make the final table and to me, the table was within reach.  In frustration, I break my cellphone.  Double whammy!

Connection problems further complicated my $7 turbo 50-50... when I reconnect, I have $350 left. My development as an online players is seeing me reach more $ payouts so these losses to lost connections really bothered me. 

My consolation of $6 placing 19th was little comfort to the missed opportunity.  It has resolved me to insure my connections before playing in any big games as best I can.  I don't know what else I can do... it's not like I have many options being an rural dweller...

Currently, poker has been online play exclusively... it has been an opportunity to make some money where there was none before.  I played for fun, now I play for the money too!  Freerolls are fun... and challenging.  Fun with donkeys, fun with fish, poker chatting, it has been fun.

The last entry was the $100k freeroll tourney where I motored to the front of the pack, 40th out of 4,000 remaining... then the wifi failed me again.  And with a smashed cell I called it a night with an irate call scheduled for my wifi provider. 

This morning all is well wifi-wise.  I have a training session this afternoon and hope for no more difficulties.  I am determined to take advantage of the $3.30 ticket offered... I plan to be a good student.

I pray the poker gods talk to the wifi witches and haunt me no more...