Starting tomorrow afternoon, my poker playing is going to probably be non-existent for the next week or so. So, today, I'm going to have to feed the addiction. First a quick ck of my stats in the skill league. Last nights finish gave me 6 more points, and I'm currently ranked 56 and in 67th position. I'm going to need a slam dunk before tomorrow in order to secure a top 50 spot. This also means, I need to find a tourney with more than a few players. First glance, the 2day event at 1pm. Only 19 players so far, so a top 6 finish is required, anything else hurts. I pass for now, we'll see closer to kick-off. The annual members event at 1:30 would be great. I'm not sure if it counts towards the skill league or not but, it is highlited red. I just re-upped to annual, and I'm not sure it'll get processed soon enough for me to join. The page did say it could take up to 24hours so I may be out of luck. I decide to play a $500 buyin SnG. These used to be one of my strongest forte's but, to be honest.. I'm a fish anymore in them. This translates to, I need to re-look at my end game. A few folks I recognize, mightjoe, IMyWynner1, runningunnin, depalma to name a few. 2k starting stack, 10min rounds blinds are 25/50. I usually play extremely tight first couple of rounds. Think group 1 hands, group 2 in cutoff/button. First hand with money in the pot is JTo in the blinds. I get a walk. cool. Next hand Q4o and I muck from SB. The most active player at the table is on my immediate left. I'm considering doing my banking there in the near future. I get j9o on the button, and call a limper. Flop no help, no improvement by river. Limper had ATo in MP. noted Active player states 4 pairs in a row. J4d,54s, A5o and other assorted garbage go into the muck. The blinds are now 50/100 and no one really has a clear lead. Top Stack 2775, bottom stack 1475. I'm still at 1950. I think about playing ATo from EP but, decide against it. Button raises the blinds, and they both fold. Noted. Q7o next hand and I'm now in the Big Blind with 56o. Blinds still 50/100. Cutoff raises pre-flop, and I muck. J8o in the SB, MP player raises and I muck. BB calls. Axx flop and both check, 9 on turn and BB takes it down with a bet. 76o on button and I release to cutoff raise. BB pops back, and cutoff calls. AT vs. AQ BB with AQ and doubles through. I get AQ one off the cutoff and face a min-raise. I decide to just call. We see the flop three ways, and BB pushs in. Min-raiser calls with pp3 and takes the pot to double up. Blinds now 75/150 and I wake up with pp9 and one limper. I raise 1/2 their stack, and they go away. This gets me to 1975. It is still a full table everyone above 1k. Big stack 3k. I get QJo in the BB. and Button min-bets me, I call and ck/raise the min-bet on a JKx flop. 2425. We get a pre-flop battle KJ < AK and we have our casualty. They are not out but, are down to 175 in chips. I've seen greater comebacks, so who am I to say. I get 32o and call the all-in for 25more. I love this hand for sick reasons. Blind pushs in for 900 more and I have to toss. KT vs AJ vs AQ. AJ wins the showdown and we loose 2 players. 2250 in chips. I muck T7o & 97o in the blinds. 1950 now. In spite of the 23o hand, I am trying to conserve ammunition for a hand I can get it all in with for the double. Blinds are now 100/200 and we're 30mins into the game. UTG raises preflop, gets popped and calls with 79d vs ppA, and we have our next casualty. (ppA wins). The game will start getting very different now, as most are under 10m, and it's time to start accumulating some chips before the final push. As expected, I'm raised out of the binds holding Q8 and A4. Down to 1650 and I'm second lowest. I get K8o on the button and raise the blinds. Maybe I get some respect. Of course not, get called by KT and loose the pot.. Picked up a draw on the turn and call a 400 bet. river no help and I'm down to 650. This was a bad play. Raise or fold situation. Get T8s two hand later with a limper and and push. 950. QJo in the blinds, and my all-in button is ready, UTG player raises out, and I push. They have AK and match up the K on the turn. Out 7th. Stop and go would not of worked here as I did not have enough chips, nor can I wait for a better hand in my opinion. It was time to get lucky. It's been awhile since I thought about the FoR philosophy that has always been a benefit. Basically, Either Fold or Raise, Calling is weak. If you are going to call, know why you are calling.. and have a good reason. The majority of the time Raise or Fold is going to be the better decision. I need to remember this more often than I do. I miss the 2day event (it started with 40 players) and still am unable to join the annual event. Time to do some housework I guess