It's time for Friday Nite Pal-Talk! Cleaned up my PC, and am going to try to run PalTalk tonite. We'll see how it goes. Past experiences have not been well. 144 starters, 10k in chips and 15minute rounds. Does it get any better. I don't recognize anyone at me first table, so will have to observe for awhile to see what caliber of play I'll be dealing with. Ugg, I guess the change didn't get implemented this tourney, and it's 10-minute rounds again. First hand I play, I limp in with A5d, flop comes T5x, I lead out and get re-raised so dump. Dealt 69d in the blinds and fold on all club flop. ATd in the SB and I call a standard raise from blinds. Flop comes QQT, I check, and it's checked around. Turn comes 4c, and I bet out. EP player immediately comes over the top of me again. Noted on him.. I'd say his stack was mine but, he lost most of it next hand. sigh. Down to 8700 already so, going to tighten up a bit. The ATM is crippled so no need to get involved till I spot a weakness or have a hand. The ATM pushes in with pp6 to double up thru a UTG+1 limper who calls with A5d. Noted ATM throws a 1k bet into the 250 pot and steals the blinds. I really hope he gets chips again. Pick up ppA UTG and make std raise. My ATM calls and I fully intend to bust him. I get another caller in the blinds. flop comes out 67T and the BB ck/raises me with a pot bet. I think about folding but, decide to risk seeing the turn card and make my decision. Not knowing the player, he could be pushing AT. The turn in another Ace, and BB pushes in. ATM is already allin. I actually think about folding but, decide I'm not good enough and call. BB turns over ppT for a set of Tens. Oof how unlucky for them. This doubles me up and I'm at 19k. Next hand I limp in with JTd and get a flop of 2h 8d 7d. EP player fires out a pot bet and I call with the flush/gut draw. Turn is 9s giving me the str8. Player pushs out another pot bet, and I put them all-in. After hitting time, they fold. I know this didn't get me any value but, I use this style to get calls later down the road. Early in the tournament, many players are anxious to give their chips away. It's our job to help them. I do love it when they bet pot tho Stack is now at 22,650k blinds 75/150 with no antes yet. I get 67o in the Big blind and fold to a large overbet from the SB after 3 limpers. 89o in the SB and I toss again to a pot bet from the donator from the last money hand. AirborneMomma has joined the table, as well as copyman. I get 56o in the cutoff and just limp in after another limper. Flop gives me 2 pair, and a bet takes it down. 22950 in chips. I decide to lag in with 34h calling a min bet. I don't know what it is about a min-bet but, they just invite me into the pot. Reminds me of playing Clay Knight at the table back in the day. 22550 count. Quiet till the BB where I get 56o. Tossed several hands in the play zone so far. No reason to get involved out of position. My pot better is at it again, and I fold but, he is called by the UTG+2 player. He pots again on the flop to take it down. Good, he's got chips again! I really shouldn't say that. The player has been playing fairly tight but, the pot bet is going to bite them again before this tourney is over. I complete the SB with Q6s, after 3 limpers. I call with a wide variety of hands when I get 7:1 or better odds. No help and I muck to the first better post flop. 22150 in chips. Tossed A2o on the button after two limpers. It's just a hand that is easily dominated. If I'm not going to raise with it, I'm tossing it. The blinds/dead money is not significant enough to go after. I see to many people 'stealing' the blinds early in a tournament. Way to much risk for such little reward. Pick up AK in the cutoff and call a raise from UTG player. Another caller already in the hand. Flop comes Kxx and UTG player hesitates the pots out. I re-raise them, and pull the pot. Get AJo next hand with 3 limpers coming to me. I raise 1.5x and get a caller. Flop comes QJx and limper checks to me. I bet 1/2 pot and rake the 4k pot. count 27450. Having a bully stack really opens up your play book Down to 115 already. 30 players gone in 45 minutes. Actually, not that bad as online tournaments go. Goes to show the overall quality of play. Get AQc UTG, and get re-raised by by MP player. THey call my 1/2 pot bets. Turns out they have A2 and hit bottom pair on a Qx2 flop. 10k pot. 33375 count. A9o in the blinds, and take the pot down on the turn when a second ace hits. 34,400 Complete in SB with 36s getting 10:1. Flop is all diamonds and no help, into the muck it goes. Call on the button with KTo after 2 limpers, flop gives me a king, BB leads out with min bet, I re-raise and they push. I make a bad call and they turn over a set. I knew it was a bad call but, it wasn't a large part of my stack. count 27275. Still a bad call, and should of been an easy fold. I call an allin with 36o 375 to call and give some chips away. Copyman goes out. 26150 300/600 blinds and I get KQd UTG+1. The guy that paid me off with A2 calls. Flop an Ace, and I'm ready to dump. We check it down, and he shows 97s. I rake the pot with my King on the river. 27,900 I get pp2 in the BB, and the other player I slapped earlier makes yet another pot bet at my blind. Since there is already another caller, I call but, should of probably folded. Flop no help, so I chunk to the other callers flop bet. 26100 We get to break, I'm at 26050. Blinds will be 50/200/400 after break and we have 100 players left. Avg stack is 14,400. Debonair joines the table, filling copymans seat. His stack equals mine so, I'm happy he is on my right, Position is power in this game. First hand I play is AJs, bring it in for a raise, and get two callers. Flop is all trash, turn completes the flush, and I have none of it. Ax'r from earlier bets out 200, and 200 again on the turn, I fold and the other caller flips ppQ. hmm.. intersting. Next hand pp7, I lead out and a smaller stack pushes in. AQ hits thier Ace on the flop, and I drop down to 18175 and double up the 'pot bettor'. Blinds are 200/400 and Ax'r min bets pre-flop. I naturally call with T3d. No help on the flop of JJX and Debonair clips the Ax'r. 16975 Avg stack 15,300 and the bad little run there has cost me a few chips. Time to get patience again. 94 players left. Ax'r pushes in for 4.8k and I reluctantly fold KQ. If I had my earlier stack, I call there. He pushes again next hand with pp2, gets called by AQd and is out. I raise pre-flop with pp3 and take down the blinds. Get ppT very next hand and pop it again. I get 69o, and can't bring myself to raise, so just limp in. BB only caller, and flop bet rakes it in. This gets me back up to 21,600. Moved to a new table.. Lots of recognizable faces here. Get ppT first hand and lead out. Uncontested win. 23,300. This is going to be a much more interesting table. Would not be surprised to see more than two person from this table at final table. I'm saying that with 89 people left. I release 72c in the SB when folded around to me. This is a raise or fold table. I can't raise with it.. so in the muck. I get AJo on the cutoff and raise the limper. I continue betting out and net a nice pot.count 29,400. I did pick up an outside str8 draw on the turn, so some justification for continuing to fire out. This was a ballsy play as if wrong, I'm crippled and heading to the rail. I think the only reason the play worked is I showed considerable strength by not going all-in and over betting the pot, even though I was putting 1/2 my stack in. This is the difference between playing a thinking player and one that doesn't. Our table busts and I move to another table full of familiar players. I feel a little less wary here tho. 78 players left, 20 get payed. I get J3h in the BB as the first hand putting money in on this table. All-ins man pushs in with 3700. Can't justify calling so I release. Blinds are 1/4/800. I get AK next hand and raise the BB. They release and I show. Q9o in the button, and I limp in. I bet the J on river to take down the pot. 32000 count. I get KJd in the cutoff and limp in after one short stack, with 2 short stacks in the blinds. Rake the pot on the turn when the K hits. 34400. KJo again very next hand and I limp in against the short stacks again. Flop no help, and one shorty has position. They push and I release. I may have bet the flop but, another healthy stack was also still in the pot. I get KJo again UTG but, toss it. Enough fun with that devil hand. Dead money is 3300 pre-flop so, blinds are starting to get enticing. Time to shift gears a bit. Problem is I have two stacks even with me yet to act after me, then 3 short stacks. Not the place to try to steal. 200/500/1k blinds are starting to get steep. We'll see a few players start dropping like flies. I get AK in MP and make a std raise. BB calls and another player is allin. They bet the turn with a outside str8 draw, and the allin player takes the pot. Why he bet the dry pot, I don't know but, it's their chips and they did pick up the side pot. I limp with 89, and give it up on the turn. 26,100 in chips, avg stack is 24k, blinds are 2/8/1600. There is 4200 in the pot pre-flop. Won't be long and it will be all-in poker for me. Once the pot is 25% or so of my stack, I'm looking to push while I can still scare folks off. This is where I tend to get aggressive pre-flop. I get pp3 with 3 limpers, so I push in for the squeeze play. I pick up 9600 to get me to 30k. As stated earlier, they are dropping fast, avg stack is now 30k w/48 left AKc and I re-raise an allin player. K9 > AKc and I drop to 19k. Blinds are 300/1k/2k and I've got the chip leader one seat to my left. Oh boy, I'm so thrilled, if that's not enough of a cherry, the 2nd place stack is two seats over from them. 46 players left. 26 to get to the money. Time to get lucky. I get ppK. I make a std raise to get some action and called by BB. Flop puts KQ9 on the board, and BB bets into me, I push and they fold. I hate ppK and surprised they didn't hit the str8. up to 27,500, still a long way to go. I toss K5 in the BB to a min raise that was called by SB. Q9h in the SB and fold to an allin bet. Down to 39 people now w/avg stack of 37.890. I'm at 25,300 bleeding chips to the ante/blinds. Top Stack is MisNev at 216,900. I make it to 2nd break. 5 spots from getting points in oldhatters league, and 15 from the money with 35 players left. I'm in the top third, so this should not negatively affect my skill league ranking but, a good finish would certainly help. I give offerings to the poker gods, and light the incense. Blinds are 500/1500/3000 and I push with pp6, get called by a smaller stack who has AQ. flop is 79j, turn J, river 9 and the Ace plays. sigh. This drops me to 3900. And I'm all-in on the blinds. JTd in the BB and I toss my last 500 in. Get called by K2o and don't improve. out in 31st and I bubbled for the League points. Good Game everyone. I know of a several hands I play differently, and hope to make use of the blog to critique my play. I welcome others comments as well.