First a rant. /Rant On/ Why is it media players no longer save playlists in a file that is a compatible standard. The .m3u file format (or even .xml) is easily transportable between players. As it is, I have MusicMatch to listen to on the pc, I have Itunes for my Ipod, and now Rhapsody for the upnp device. There is no way for me to easily transfer a playlist between one player and another. This is friggin irritating. With over 20,000 titles you can understand why this presents itself as a large problem. Now I found MusicMatch has been sold to Yahoo, so I'll have to transfer libraries yet again. I'm sad to see them go. I've been a user of MusicMatch since .mp3 became a file format. A great player.. the passing of an era /Rant Off/ On to poker, decided that I am going to play the 7pm Friday Nite Pal-Talk tourney. It has always been a popular tournament, and now they have changed the structure to 15mins vs 10mins. With a 10k starting stack, this promises to be a battle of skill. Hopefully, I won't go out first hour.. LOL This is a welcome change, my complaint the last week, which is the first time I've played in a long time was the speed of the blind structure when approaching final table that forced everyone to play shallow money poker. It was still a great tourney as there was plenty of play for the first 2 hours or so. Preparing for the tournament, I enjoy some coffee, and do some stretches. Get the music playlist ready and log on to PSO and check my current placing in the skill league. Currently ranked 56. I'm in 73rd place if everyone in the running were qualified. I'm not going to be able to play any poker next week so, will probably play a little more conservative than usual. You have to be ranked in the top 50 now to qualify for the free roll. I don't really care for this. It use to be top 150. You need a pretty good run to finish top 50, so this may again be a goal that will prove avaiable only to those that: A) have a great run B) Have enough time to play a lot of tournaments. C) not get to unlucky. The competition is stiff enough as it is. They've also downsized the price pool and changed the structure of the payout. The previous version had a 4k payout in Bugsy points. These could be converted on Bugsy's into cash. Now, the payout is 25% or 1k paid out in Sponsorship points, that must be used as entry into a live event. While it's great to have the buyin paid for, it doesn't help poor idiots like me pay for the gas/food and accomodations required to get to a live event. Plus, you have to have 500sp before they have any real value. At least remove the restriction and make them usuable on Bugsy, or towards membership fees. Not wanting to turn this into a total rant posting. The new PSO site is coming along nicely. Still several cosmetic, and other issues but.. it is getting there more and more everyday. Kudos to the staff, and I intend to be patient to see what's coming down the pipe before placing an overall opinion. This entry is getting rather long, so I'll close here and create another entry for the Friday Nite Paltalk tourney.