Played in Al's Stud training tournament. I feel so much more a man A lot of fun, and good play as always. I rivered Al early to get a little scratch going. Did pretty well and managed a 6th place finish out of a field of 25. I look forward to when we can see some more of the training videos. If you haven't reviewed the ones available, I recommend them. Being unable to participate in the live skype events due to PC resource issues, the opportunity to go to the archives would be awesome. Also played in the morning 8:30 skill tourney. Small field of 23. Lost a key coinflip (AJs < K9) that 1/2'd my stack at final table. With 500/1k blinds and e1 <10m it became all-in poker. Down to 3k, push with Q9o and take down the blinds, gets me to 5k. Two hands later in BB, I get pp2 facing a min-bet from EZTwice, I push and he flips KQo, flop A6A turn a 9, river comes another 6, and I get counterfeited, out in 7th place. Good game. I think a stop and go might of been a better move there, hard to say as shallow as we were but, would of been a tuf call for him. Lonsman put a pretty good move on me before that and I would love to know what he had that hand. He got me to lay down a fairly strong hand. Well played. I hope everyone is having a grand Easter. Obviously, I have nothing to do today, and it's cold outside. played the 12pm Razz tourney trying to get enough skill league tournies in. What a table, JayW, TheHazyOne, Fatalcouer, Dutch, etc.. Got a lot of great stud hands but, not much in the way of Razz hands, got bored and donked to many chips off and by all rights should be out before first break. The poker gods smiled upon me and I out bingo'd Aaron to double, finally two strong razz hands in a row, and I complete pre-flop to double my stack back to 1400. Still in serious position as avg is 4k, made it to break with 1580, 25 started 19 left, and I'm third shortest stack. Not looking good. put it all in with a 8hi draw and get paired on the river, out 16th. FYI, is the link to the Skill League rankings. I'm currently 103 w/ 5 tournies but, this tourney is going to make me slip unless I pull a hat trick out. Hmm, need to go for a higher membership in FOPSO. The poor finish in the Razz tourney dropped me to 126. Next tournament was the Master tournament at 2:30, 28 starters. Played tight in this one, (which I should of done in the Razz tourney) and made some nice hands. I really enjoy this tourney and the structure. I don't understand why more don't play it. I arrived at final table with about 1/2 avg stack, and we're playing Razz. Which is why I'm getting these great stud hands I'm sure! Razz hates me and my starting 8 low draw turns into 3pair crippling me to 100. I push it in next hand and win to put me up to 1700 and make second break as the bottom stack. I get no service during the 7stud round and pretty much blind down to 150, so I push with QT9. Not the best hand but, it was a family pot, and I needed to get lucky. hit runner, runner, runner, runner A's and 3's to stay alive and pop back up to 2300. 3 hands later thanks to ppJ, ppA, and ppQ I'm back up to 11,900 and third in chips. But, in a tight 5 way race with 7 left. Down to final 5 now 250/500/1000/2000 playing 7stud hi/lo, I'm 4th in chips and waiting for cards. Poker_Fan99 is the big stack, and running over the table. BlesedPlaya makes a stand with a flush draw and busts out bringing us to 4. I win small pot and am at 8300. Thann is at 9000, and poker_fan is at 28,900. Dr_Hunter has 16k. A bit of tossling around and we're all about even with Poker_Fan only 5k ahead. We're to the Limit HE round and the blinds are 1500/3000. Thann's ppA gets paid off by Poker_Fan to take the lead at 42k. Dr_Hunters pp5 fail to hold up against the flush draw and he goes out 4th. I had to see the cards after missing my str8 draw with a mid pair. Of course they hit the queen on the flop.. sigh. Push from the SB with T8 and get no help. 3rd place. At least we made the money! The decent finish here bumped me to 18 in the Skill league and 51 overall. Mission accomplished for the day.