This had illustrates a fundemental error, I occasionally make when figuring pot odds and whether to continue with a hand. Ok, it illustrates a *lot* of errors, LOL but, the one I want to focus on is mis-figuring pot odds when short stacked. Hand Number: 425,180,537 Table Number: 5,955,193 Event Name: AlSpath Skype Training Table (#3820107) Event Started: Wednesday April 4th 11:45:45 AM CDT 2007 Event Type: PokerSchool Online Ring Game Game: No Limit Hold 'em Stakes: 1/2 Blinds (0.25 Minimum Chip) Seat 1 : KRVJ starts with 266 Seat 2 : PapiW starts with 110.25 Seat 3 : Sif3506 starts with 420.75 Seat 4 : HoboCraig starts with 148.75 Seat 5 : biggpokerfan starts with 200 Seat 6 : pokermaster1 starts with 625 Seat 7 : WellEndowed starts with 108.75 Seat 8 : ShaunP starts with 421 Seat 9 : Twink622 starts with 344.25 Seat 10 : soros starts with 10 Seat 3 : Sif3506 has the dealer button HoboCraig posts the small blind 1 Sif3506: nh biggpokerfan posts the big blind 2 soros is sitting in soros posts 2 DEALING HOLE CARDS PapiW dealt down 2c 4c ShaunP: ty HoboCraig: i laughed harder at serpico saying must have been a bad one pokermaster1 folds Sif3506: lol PapiW: lol WellEndowed folds ShaunP folds Twink622 folds KRVJ: well siffy....if u use those words often like i do..itd take you 3 secs soros checks KRVJ folds PapiW calls 2 Sif3506 raises 8.50 to 10.50 HoboCraig folds Sif3506: lol biggpokerfan calls 8.50 soros folds PapiW calls 8.50 DEALING FLOP *** 9d 6c 5c *** HoboCraig: kuddos to soros biggpokerfan checks PapiW checks Sif3506 bets 40 biggpokerfan raises 149.50 to 189.50 and is all-in I defended this hand because I felt I was getting sufficient pot odds to make a speculative call. But, I based that decision on a falsehood. The pot showed that there was approx. $260 when the action got to me. Now with a gut shot and a flush draw, I need approx 60/40 for this call to be correct. With ~100 in my stack, this seemed to be a call situation. In truth, because I was short, the most I could win of this pot was ~$175. So, instead I was getting 40/60. Making it an error to call here. As for overall comments the hand from the study group I belong to, this one probably is the most succint: "The main problem with playing this hand here is the depth of your money isn't deep enough to be playing these hands. I like to splash around with suited gaps and connectors, but you only have a little over 50BB's in your stack. You need more implied value to be playing these types of hands, especially from early position. I limp in with these type of hands from alot of positions if the dynamic is right. If you are on a raisy table, meh, especially if I only have 50BB's in front of me. I am not so sure about the call with all the action, but I do know one thing, after calling the raise, and being first to act with the initial raiser directly to my left, I am firing out a big bet on this flop allowing the initial raiser to raise everyone else out of the hand to ensure all of my outs are live." In my defence, I did not feel that a bigger flush draw was out there, The betting pattern did not indicate that to me but, the reasoning/suggestion presented above is solid. the rest of the hand: PapiW calls 99.75 and is all-in Sif3506 raises 220.75 to 410.25 and is all-in Sif3506 takes back 220.75 DEALING TURN *** 3s *** DEALING RIVER *** 7d *** Sif3506 cards were 5h 5d biggpokerfan cards were 6h 6s PapiW cards were 2c 4c biggpokerfan wins 179.50 with three of a kind, sixes PapiW wins 330.75 with a seven high straight PapiW: ya'll are going to hate me PapiW: lol SUMMARY Hand Ended: Wednesday April 4th 6:11:41 PM CDT 2007 Total Pot: 510.25 (3 rake) Board: *** 9d 6c 5c 3s 7d *** Seat 1 : KRVJ did not bet, folded pre-flop Seat 2 : PapiW bet 110.25, won 330.75, net +220.50, showed hand *** 2c 4c *** Seat 3 : Sif3506 (button) lost 200, showed hand *** 5h 5d *** Seat 4 : HoboCraig (small blind) lost 1, folded pre-flop Seat 5 : biggpokerfan (big blind) bet 200, won 179.50, net -20.50, showed hand *** 6h 6s *** Seat 6 : pokermaster1 did not bet, folded pre-flop Seat 7 : WellEndowed did not bet, folded pre-flop Seat 8 : ShaunP did not bet, folded pre-flop Seat 9 : Twink622 did not bet, folded pre-flop Seat 10 : soros lost 2, folded pre-flop Till next time, see ya on the felt!