Well, I have to say, I like the new site. Still a few bugs but, hats off to the PSO IT Team, they have really put in the hours, and it shows. Kudos! I had the opportunity to play in the inagauration tournament. What a blast, it was great to see the turnout, reminded me of past days. It would of been nicer with a somewhat slower structure but, being a week night, I understand (and appreciate) the fact it wasn't. I took the chance and watched TJ play. He tried to give some input at the table but, with 100+ railbirds... I hope everyone's excitement having all the 'names' in the tourney didn't get out of line. We've been anxiously awaiting your arrival to guide us poor souls All I can say is: Welcome to PSO! As for the play, there was some great, even sexy, poker going on. The structure moved fast but, it was obvious who knew when to adjust, unfortunately, it was most of the table lol. You can tell that the mentor programs have made a huge difference over the last year, and my hat is off to TheHazyOne, HitMan, RGGator for all they have done in helping us unwashed masses to re-think the game. The future is bright, I look forward to learning more about the new additions. See ya'll on the felt!