I have done well this month for my skill set maybe i have overachieved a little but  i enjoyed all the time spent working towards the best possible results that i could achive i have read many posts that in my opinion some of the better players in the pso enjoy the reads try to take something from all of them and apply what i can i want to thank moxie pip and eric m46 for thier help with a couple of things they told me in oct. i have come to realize that the community in the pso are nice and very helpful if you ask for it and iam amazed that  people here took the time to help me when they didnt know me from adam also i have played with and read many of effseas posts find them quite entertaining and helpful also monkeyskunk and darkman poncho bowie dasensfan and the rest of the top of the leaderboard your post let me turn my brain off to get away from the tables and still maybe learn something thanks again maybe next time i can talk more about actual poker and maybe a better blog also