1. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to be good at all aspects of poker to win tournaments. For instance, I’m terrible at laying a hand down. You’ve just got to try and improve all aspects of your game all the time.

2. Always trust your poker instincts, even if you risk looking stupid sometimes.

3. Don’t be lazy. There’s usually a right or wrong move and 90% of the time the wrong option is
the lazy one – for instance, calling instead of raising, or checking instead of betting.

4. Be aware of table image and how your opponents perceive you and use this to your benefit.

5. Position is so important. You always hear it but it’s true – it’s only very recently that this has
really hit home for me. The sooner you understand position the quicker you’ll start winning.

6. Have patience. Poker is often a boring game, but you need to be able to put hands down until you find yourself in a favourable spot.

7. Learn to spot exploitable situations and have the balls to pull the trigger when you do so, such as isolating weak players to get them into heads-up pots.

8. Don’t get fazed by the opposition.

9. Try to develop mental toughness. You’ve got to be really tough to deal with the swings in the game.

10. Remember, the cards you are dealt are just one element of the game. The best players don’t
rely on cards to win a tournament.

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