So, I'm back after a long break. Had much tilt going on but now I seem to do good again. After a rock bottom at $5 bankroll, I've managed to grind it up to almost $40. With some luck I made it happen and now enjoy playing again, knowing that I don't just have a handful of buy-ins. 

With my bankroll so low I knew that I had to make it grow without risking it all. Knowing that, I still made the mistake of playing for more than I should. I late regged for the $1.35 knockout tourney and managed to finish in 53rd place out of 9412, cashing $16 and $3.5 KO bonus making a total of $19.5.

With a bankroll of over $20 I could now manouver much better with my play. I started to play like I'm used to, 8 Zoom tables on the lowest level. I also implied my old strategy, if I double up I close the table and open a new one. This is because I don't want to have too much of my bankroll on one table.

After a coule of thousand hands on Zoom I was up to $30 and found some intresting hands:

This one proves my theory that the best hand preflop often wins. Although this does not happen as often as I would like it to...

A result of playing too many tables. Did not expect that.

This one I think that I should've 3-bet him all-in on the flop. What do you guys think?

I also bumped into this hand on a $1.5 6-max Hyper-tubro SnG. Have not seen that hand made in a while. Hope to catch one myself pretty soon. 


Thanks for reading and I hope I will be able to post more blog-posts these coming week. As long as I progress I'll try to keep you guys updated. Still hunting for the Royal Flush so I going to put in more volume this coming week. See ya at the tables!