Had a bankroll peak at 90 bucks, which was fun. Until I played a really unhealthy session, my longest so far in this challenge. 

It started instantly with me getting it in with AA vs KK, he hits trips. Not thinking more about that I kept on playing. After about an hour of play I lost 7 out of 8 times with AA/KK/AK. That means a loss of 14 dollars. Still kept on playing :/

After a three hour session I was back at $64. 12 buy-ins in a single session, I was stunned. This was my 2nd worst loss. The worst one I am not going to talk about but it contained a huge up-swing followed by the worst down-swing there can be. 

Now I will start exploring the SnGs and MTT abit. Trying to controll my way of handling poker for the moment. Probably going back to Zoom in a couple of days... 

Also I won $1.5 in the Mission Week 1 'Easy' Freeroll . Will try this again this week and next week I will shoot for the Simple freeroll.

Starting Bankroll: 50

Current Bankroll: 67.87

Bankroll peak: 90

Profit: 17.87

FPP: 952

Thinking of playing satellites with my FPP's. Is it worth it? Maybe I'll just take the 10 dollar award at 1k FPP.