Last week I had a break from school, (VERY MUCH NEEDED). I was getting sick of the weather here in Sweden. I and my family went to Spain to relax and have a good time. Instead of 5 degrees celsius it was 33 in the sun. It feelt really good to have a week away from school, internet and poker. 


After arriving home I turned on my computer and saw that I had two freeroll tickets in my cashier and they played out the same day that I came home. I was really tired from the flight but I decided to give them a try. Being a week away from the tables definitetly showed in my game. I had very little patience and as soon as I lost a big pot I started to tilt, witch affected both tournaments. In about thirty minutes I was out of both tournaments and had not cashed in any of them. This showed me how important it is to plan your sessions and make sure that you are playing the best of your game every time you sit down on a table. Luckily they were freerolls, but it will sureley affect me in my future sessions.

Today I played two sessions. The first one I 4 tabled 9-max zoom 2NL. After 20 minutes of play I decided to stop. I was down a buy-in and I felt that I did not play my best. I decided to get something to eat and then play again. I know that in my previous sessions made more $ playing more tables. I know that it may not learn as much while I play but I need to boost my bankroll as much as possible so I can play the MicroMillions events.

As it look like now the tournaments that I will play is going to be the ones under 3$. If I feel like it, I will try to qualify for some more expensive tournamnets via sattelites. It would be awesome to play the main event, but it would be a big risk event to qualify considering my current bankroll. 

I have considered making a deposit in order to be able to play more tournaments, but I am not sure about that. Currently I am accualy having problems revieving the money that I cashed out before my challange. If I solve that problem I will probably be happy to put in some extra cash for the events.

A hand I played today:

Me utg with KK, Stack: $2

Opponent in middle position. Stack: $1

I raise 0.08

He reraises to 0.21

I raise to 0.56

He shoves and I call

He shows 8-6 of diamonds

My kings held and I took the pot. 

Some players are just mindblowing at the micros.


Starting bankroll: $50

Current bankroll: $84.65

Profit: 34.65


Also I have now lost my Silverstar staus that I had reached before my challange  

Thats about it for this time. I am happy to recieve comments and I also want to know that you think is a suitable bankroll for MicroMillions and witch tournamnets you are going to play.

Have a good one!