Since last blog post I talked to a friend who's not playing anymore. He said that he had about $10 left in his account and he wanted me to have them! It turned out to be $11, a well needed boost for my bankroll.

Today I sat down at the zoom tables as usual. Started with 4 9-max 0.01/0.02, and started to pump some hands. After about 30 minutes I got quite bored, the deck turned against me and I lost some wierd pots. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, Monday to Friday players are tough and tigh. I decided to open up more tables. Now I'm at eight zoom tables, four 9-max and four 6-max. Tight and aggressive I managed to get into hands with some real donks. The more hands I played the more often I played against really crappy players. After about 25 more minutes I decided to stop playing. I had doubled up four of my eight tables closed them up and logged off. 

Ten minutes later I remebered that I didn't check my cashier after my session. Did I loose or did i win money? I logged in again and had a look.... $80.54!!!! It was more than I'd hope for. Guess I play better with eight tables than four!? Or was this just luck? 

Next week I will not be able to play since I'm going to Spain for a vacation. I will be a nice way to celebrate my progress in my challange of growing my bankroll. 

Starting bankroll: $50

Current bankroll: $80.54

Profit: $30.54

FPP: 882.41


A question I have thought about for a long time is how to spend FPP the best way?

Before this challange I always got the cash for either 1k FPP or 2.25K. Now I'm thinking of trying my luck with some tournament tickets. What do you guys think?