So since the last time I have had a lot to do in my personal life. Since this summer I've had about one or two week-ends at home. Witch means that I haven't been able to play with the week-end fish... 

The players are extremly tight Monday-Friday. In the end of the first session after my latest blog-post I lost my focus and WHOOP, I lost 5-buyins and was back at $56. After the session I decided to take some time off. Now that I don't have so much to do in school I decided to start playing abit again.

Today I played for one hour and with some luck I was back at $61,55. This was mostly because a tripple-up with my trip 4s on flop and then one player pushed before me and I shoved and got a call from the player behind. My trips tunrned into quads and took down a good $6 pot.

BR: $61,55