Today I got no pots coming my way, played about 1.5k hands, and now down to $59.51...


Wont be able to play tomorrow and not the weekend either. Friday will be good.


Lost with KK vs 10-9off

raise 3bb pre, he calls. 

Flop: K-6-8 rainbow

I bet 70% of pot

He calls

turn 2 or something

I bet pot

He calls

River: 7

I check

He bets less than half pot

I call :/



EDIT: Squeezed in about 300 more hands. Picked up AA fist hand and it went all in pre against KK. Believe it or not but my AA held!!!

Posting a hand from earier today:

I pick up AKoff in the big blind

Fold to the buttom, he raises 3bb

Sb calls

I reraise to 10bb

buttom folds but sb calls!

flop: Qd9d5s

sb bets 3bb

I call

Turn is a jack of spades (10 on river?!?!)

He minraises (wtf?)

I call

River????? A TEN OF SPADES. My straight is alive!!

What now, he checks :/

I got the nuts and value shoves ofc..

He calls! Expecting a split mabye

But he shows Q8 of hearts, a straight eight to queen.

A nice double up for me and the challange!