Stakes: 2NL (0.01/0.02) Zoom

Tables: 4

Hands: Day 1 (4k), Day 2 (1k)

Winnings: $11.99

BR: 61.99


Played pretty ok, made some unnecessary calls. For example, UTG limps, me (mid pos) picks up QQ and raises to 5bb, UTG shoves 100bb, I call and he shows AA... This may not look so bad but micros in the middle of the week is REALLY tight. His range was probably QQ+, AKs. 

I will definitely work on my focus and dicipline.

My tactic right now is to Hit and Run. Witch means that as soon as I doubble up I leave the table and wait until I can open a new one and that seems to work fine to me. I do not want to have too much of my bankroll on one table. I would not care so much if I busted my BR but I like this challange and I will play it safe.