to all the poker players on pso.... i really enjoy playing with the better players on here..and i know we all run into bad beats in the game of poker, i have 1 question to poker stars..why is it you get great hands to call,and we all bet our hands accordinally to the way the games suppose to be played. but what ive observed since playing here seems,all the leaderboard leaders when there on your table or chip leaders always catch even when they call on cards that shouldn't be called to a player with monster hands  ..and 95% of the time they always catch to put you it bad luck or are there seats at a table that are just made to catch there sure alot of us go through it but to me it seems and is consistently happening.i know we all go through the goods with the bads but it seems time and time again that thats the ways it is on this league...if im wrong convince me other wise