Today, I have been looking at various comps and assessing my strategy for the start of my new career.  It's a little scary since the UI is something I'm not familiar with.  I've played online before but never seriously enoug to say ''This is my job'' .. I've begun this blog to hopefully shed light on what some will find a difficult decision; to play Poker full time.

I intend to make my first cash deposit on my birthday next month.  I'm unsure how much yet but I really want this journey to be not only a test and a challenge, but an exciting one too.  

My intention and end goal is to sustain myself completely within the game, paying myself a wage and attending some live games (of which I currently have only attended two tourneys in my local casino (Placing 3rd in one of them. WINNER!))

I'll post every once in a while and keep a record of my triumphs and pitfalls.  Hopefully some of you guys will find it inviting and encouraging to know that a career in Poker CAN still be viable.

I'll end for today by looking some more at the different competitions and really get an idea of how things work within the site.. I am by no means a mathematician although I'll be checking out some numbers for sure too.

Wish me luck! I hope this works how it's supposed to hehe!