i just dont understand online poker.  i do everything i have been taught to do and still yet keep ending up on the short end of a poker tournament..  i can use what i have learned playing a live tournament and have success but online iam not as lucky.  this november after i made a strong push in october in the league to make it in the top 900 players after a bad start in october.   the first 7 tournaments of  november i was knocked out early, and each time i had what seemed to be a very winnable hand but the river card said otherwise. if i had a fullhouse i would get beat with a 4 of a kind,  if i had a straight i would get beat with a flush. each and every one i was beaten on the river and let me tell you it makes you not want to play online because it makes you feel like the computer is against you.  i was hoping to contend for cash prizes during this month but thats not possible with what occured.  i will try again next month if the same thing happens again i will be done on pokerstars.