Being new at poker I did what most folks do when they join. We create an account and then jump right into the shark tank. Sure, I like many others here have played poker before. Usually with friends at a home somewhere drinking and bragging about our hands, as well as trashing each other for one reason or another. Sometimes I have played at stags and other events where we would be drinking, but since some of the folks at the table are not known to me, there is no bragging or trashing. In either case I did well enough to consider myself a decent poker player.

Even after joining Pokerstars I thought I was doing well. I would watch my stats everytime I was at a table. I would do my very best to keep that pot stat above 50%. Most of the time it was in the 60+ range which I believed was good. I was making the play money to buy my new play Mercedes. After a time of playing I realized I was stuck. My play pot wasn't moving much and I was much too timid playwise to venture into higher buy-ins.

I figured that maybe it was time to now try the tourny's. Playing in these tourny's taugh me as a player that I knew NOTHING! The best I ever did was sitting in 62nd place in the money and I get taken out by a big stack finishing my day in 900 and something place. That's another 3 hours of my life I'll never get back!  I learned from that experience though, I learned I sucked and needed some help so I enrolled in poker school.

Taking the first part of the course was a breeze. As I advanced through the course's I found that it was like reading Einstiens book on Realitivity. The information was there but my mind wasn't. The more information that I was looking at was making my play worse. Not that it wasn't good information, it was different from what I would normally do so when I went back to the tables I was trying to remember what the hell I had learned in school. The more I played the more of my beloved play Mecedes money dropped. Back to school I went to try and grasp a little more information and pass the test. 

I'm still stuck on the Sit-N-Go test but once I get that baby down pat I'll be one step closer to being a terror on the tables.I want to thank Poker School for teaching me that I knew nothing!