You can't play poker by yourself. Your oponents/dealer are more valuable than gold. Without them, the game you love could not exist so please think about this.

I've seen a lot of people trash talking at the poker tables both online/live and this needs to stop. No one likes losing but that's no excuse to be disrespectful at the table regardless if it's online or live.

Think about this before you sit at a poker table:

How lucky you are to be alive

How lucky you are to see

How lucky you are to be sitting at the table with your oponents. Your oponents give life to the game.Your oponents are the ones that help you grow as a poker player.


In both victory and defeat at the poker tables,be humble and respectful with your oponents/dealer.(think about chess for a minute)

Trash talking takes no skill. You may gather a few more chips in the short term but in the long run it won't offer you any real satisfaction. 

The only way to gain skill in poker and real satisfaction is to show respect at the poker table.


I wish everyone the best!