I'm going to share with you a story.


Depressed, unhappy with who I was, I finally decided it was time to get out of bed and eat something. I don't normally do this but I said to myself, I might as well turn the TV on to distract myself until I find something in the fridge.  While I was fixing myself a sandwich, there comes an ad about Pokerstars.

It instantly clicked with me. The next thing I was thinking was "Wouldn't it be awesome for once in my life to actually do something I've always wanted instead of just sitting in my bed, crying, depressed or bored, every single day?"

I finished my sandwich and headed up to the computer. I googled "Pokerstars"/"Poker", read a few articles and downloaded the client.

Now at that time, I didn't knew much about Poker and almost everything of what I did, turned out to be really wrong. It was something like "Don't touch this game/nothing to be learned from it/it will ONLY DO YOU BAD")

After installing the client, I joined a play money table. At first I was just betting/raising/all in. I didn't knew what I was doing and ended up losing all my play money chips.

The first lesson clicked right there:

"We in general stopped being patient...everyone wants the 10 min abs/10 min guide to french...no one wants to work hard for something today, and yes, I'm on that list too".This is probably one of the most valuable lessons I've learned just by playing a play money table.

I wanted to stop being depressed. I wanted to learn how to play poker but I realized I can't do any of this things if I'm not patient and working hard.

After a few weeks, I learned that basics( hand hierarchy, what BB/SB/UTG is, this sort of stuff) and found out about freeroll tournaments. Now this was exciting because I could actually play in a tournament with a lot of people for free and I could potentially win something.  First time when I participated, after a few hands I was knocked out. While sitting in front of the screen with my tournament loby window open I said to myself " You know what? It would be really awesome to get in the top spots.." 

You might say "Well why bother? It's only a few bucks". Well it's not about the bucks, it's above improving yourself over yesterday. After a few tournaments, I got there and I was so happy about that. I had tears in my eyes. It was not because I won a small prize. It was because I gave that tournament 100% of what I had in THAT MOMENT. 

I learned another important lesson that as a young adult I forgot, and most of the people forgot: "EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you put the time and effort! You just got to believe in yourself. There's nothing you can't do!" 

After that I became even more determined to learn more about poker and started an experiment. I decided to use the poker mindset in my day to day life, to get myself out of depression. 

*I was not happy with my body so I remembered the first thing that I learned when installing the client. This valuable lesson made me instantly join a gym.

*I was very lazy when it came to work assignments. I decided to treat them like grinding the poker tables. I was just amazed of how much task I could solve in so little time.

*I had a lot of issues with social anxiety/low esteem. I remembered what I did when I had the nuts on a table(I was calm as a mountain) or when I won a tournament(felt like nothing could stop me).

*I was the type of person that would get very angry at anything or would react to anything bad someone else said about me. Poker taught me: to be calm, the value of meditation. I've learned to adapt to different situation and meet some of them with a cold-hearted attitude.

*I was eating a lot of junk/drinking a lot of carbonated drinks. Poker thought me it's not about earning some quick cash, it's about becoming a complete whole. Both physically/mentally. Becoming the best version of you.

I think everyone should learn how to play poker. You can learn A LOT from this game if you aproach it seriously and with dedication.

I'm really grateful to Pokerstars for running that TV add that night. I'm glad I decided to start playing this game. It healed my depression.

I like to think about life as a poker tournament called "Road to Royal Flush" having a final prestigious table called "Royal Flush". There's a famous quote that says: "A Year from Now You May Wish You Had Started Today"

So regardless of what you want to do, play poker, get that physics degree, etc., take action NOW! You only have NOW! Don't look for a easy way out. Be prepared to work hard if you want to join the final table. Don't strive to become just a poker player, just a physics teacher. STRIVE TO BECOME A COMPLETE INDIVIDUAL.

Remember, you only have now.


I'm really glad I was able to share this. Thank you all! I wish everyone the best!