My previous record was 600 and something and I have often wondered what happens in the later stages. Basically everyone just shoves, or if you just open raise a normal amount, you have to be willing to call anyone else shoving over the top and while you can obviously help yourself with your shoving range/position, it is pretty much luck. I have no idea what the cumulative odds of the winner is, but presumably is not high.

I also have no real idea how I did it. I have probably played the Quarter Million in the region of 100 times and am still not 100% sure what works best -  it is embarrassing I know, but it is one of the highlights of my week - I like the nuttiness of playing 35,000 people for $11. Last night I got off to a good start. The guy on my right handed over a few chips, he kept limping into me then leading out at random flops then giving up on the turn. I find poker, like anything else, is a confidence thing and everything always looks better when you win a few.

I got KQ one time and Negreanu, smiling down at me as we speak, thinks you should always limp KQ because if you raise, you tend to get called by better hands, with pairs and aces in them, but if you limp you can get called by all the other marginal QT/KJ/KT/QJ etc type hands where you have a better chance of being ahead of the range. So I limp KQ and there is an ace on the flop and it checks around, then a ten on the turn and it checks around again and I don't really know what's going on, then a jack arrives on the river and some luckless clown decides this is his cue to try to steal it. 

Then I got AA on the $100 big blind level and put in my usual 2.5x raise, got one caller and 1 3-bet to about $800. So usually on the lower levels I aim to small ball it but I thought it was clear he had a hand here and less chips than me so I just shoved when it came back around and he had QQ so that helped too.

So I just went from there really. While I'm not sure what works best, to be honest, I just tend to go tight most of the time. I will bluff/semi-bluff once I'm in the hand and miss the flop, and I think I'm all right at spotting internet weakness - bet sizing wrong, bashing the button etc but do not usually start with any two. Nothing outrageously lucky happened, sure you win a few races but nothing more than that really and it just built up, then eventually you lose one and go to bed. My Pokerstars email was about 1.45am my time - it starts 8.30pm in the UK and the money bubble is around 11pm or just after.

Then I completely slept through my alarm, woke up around lunch time and had to take the day off work.