Cashed Quarter Million again, with almost no hands. The best hand I had in two and a half hours was a pair of tens. I also had 77 twice (I folded one to a big raise), 66, 44 and AJ twice and that was it. I got lucky once - being v short stacked, I shoved over a small raise with my 66 and he had JJ and I ended up with a four card straight. I also got lucky another time shoving one of the AJs - I got a call from the guy on my left who had been calling a lot and betting out with the minimum bet button and he flat called in spite of a much bigger stack and I thought straight away he could have a worse ace and he did - he had A7 and doubled me up. So I felt quite pleased with myself, okay I had some luck but basically scrapped away where I could without much help and made the money quite comfortably.

I got the TT in the big blind and got four limpers - I think it was $100 or $150 big blind and squeezed to $500 - all four called. The flop came T33 and I think I made a mistake - I checked. If I could have it over into four people I would try a fishy looking c-bet. As it was everyone else checked too and the turn was another ten. Flopped a full house - turned quads, this is like double nuts, I don't know what you call it. So now I tried a fishy looking bet (there were two spades and two hearts on the board and I thought I might get a drawer to call) but everyone folded and only got $2,000. 

Then after the money bubble I got a hand - JJ in the small blind, one raiser and shoved and he called with KT, the flop was a blank, the turn was a ten and the river was a ten! Out about 4,500.

I'm trying to track my stats - this week I saw 18/136 flops, won 4/5 showdowns (lost the last one!) and 4 won without showdown, so pretty tight! but kind of a reflection of what I got. I would ideally like to play more hands than this.

I'm trying to think what's the best way to play the Quarter Million? Super tight or loose or what? I have had a great run recently playing super tight - I'm used to mixing it up more in the sit and gos, but go tight vs 35,000 - and making the money nearly every week but running into situations like this, where if my JJ holds up I'm well set but going out on one of the lower money levels, so I'm not really making anything. It cost me $6 to qualify this week and won $15 and this is no good in the long run. I know all the pros come away saying they are 'only' interested in winning and I get it, but good luck playing the Quarter Million with the sole intention of coming first.