This doesn't usually happen much, unless I play PL Omaha. But I was playing a $3 one table 6-max sit and go with 4 left, blinds at $200 and only $1175 left. With it being my big blind next, I decided I was shoving the next hand no matter what, which of course was my cue to get 62o. Still a plan is a plan and off I went. I got called by the small blind who had AJ and must have been feeling pleased with himself until I flopped 2 and rivered a 6.

He was a little unhappy about this and started questioning various aspects of my personality, but I usually just let them got on with it. Even after the double up, I was still a little short and a couple of hands later I got A2. I thought about folding but he was still moaning and I thought it might annoy him some more so I shoved again and he called again and he had AJ again. The flop came A and he went completely postal, but I don't think I did too much wrong really.

I don't really mind people venting in the chat box, though some wit is always a bonus. The only thing that really annoys me is 'ty', when they win a hand - usually in some freakish circumstance like they'll have KJ vs AK or something and river a jack and go ty. Aaaargh. The only thing that keeps me going is I read an article about online tells and they thought the sort of people that do this probably don't win many pots.

Anyway, I went out third in that one after some bad luck of my own but I won a couple of others and got some money in the Quarter Million again as well though had a disaster qualifying as I accidentally signed up for an $8+r Sunday Million satellite. You only got $1000 chips and I was never going to rebuy so I just tried to double up. I got one flop with 33 trying to hit a set but didn't, then with the blinds at $100 and me down to about $800, I got one early raise to $300 and thought he might fold a lot if I just shoved - I had AT, but the big blind called and so did he so its not looking good. The first one had AQ and the big blind had 66 and flopped a set so that was that and it ended up costing nearly $20 to get into the Quarter Million and only won $15!