I'm pretty sure that is better than usual for me, so maybe will keep it up.

The only thing I thought happened of any note was - I think from memory we were down to about 7,000 people and I had 20bb or so, something like that, and the guy to my right open shoved for more than me which I thought was a bit odd. I have said before that I think, especially at low stakes, people doing this typically have low pairs or weak aces - they look at the hand and can't bring themselves to fold but don't really know what to do either, so they just shove and hope everyone folds, and if they don't then maybe they will win anyway. So I had AKh and don't really like calling all in but did it anyway and he had A7. But the slightly more interesting part is the big blind also called - he had slightly fewer chips than me and turned over T9. I suppose I would understand this more if he was very short stacked and he's clearly just having a shot, but seemed odd to me he did it with the stack sizes we had. 

Needless to say T9 won, although I did win a small side pot to stay in and hung on to make the money, but I think if I had doubled or trebled up there I would have been quite well set for more of a proper run rather than just scraping in. 

So I don't know really, hundreds of people read my last post and it is in the top ten by views and I have no idea why. It is just me rambling on. I looked at some of the other posts in the top 10 or so and they are mostly telling people what to do. So I didn't know if I should write a post about what I think are the best ways to make money in the Quarter Million, or also I think - I don't write it all down, but I think I am overall beating the $6 sit and gos which is how my account mostly funds itself. But it all seems a bit presumptuous somehow.