For the first time ever (I think) a pro turned up on our Quarter Million table! I saw in the lobby she was playing a whole bunch of other stuff as well but I'm still not sure what Veronica Dabul was doing there. Anyway, it didn't last long. I got 66 soon after she arrived and raised in first position and she folded straight away, no doubt realising there is just nothing in this for her.

Then I did something awful, I was getting blinded down and had about 15 big blinds at the $300/$150 level and I raised to $650 with KQc and a short-ish stack shoved and of course is completely awful to raise/fold this amount, but I was sort of thinking I didn't want to get knocked out as she had only been there about ten minutes and wanted to see what happened. So that's what I did. I told myself the other guy almost certainly had a better hand - I don't know about you but I shove a much tighter range - depending a bit on stack size - over someone that already raised, so would definitely assume he had Ax or a pair, though of course, that is just excuses.

She got knocked out soon after anyway. She didn't have many chips when she arrived, then she got one double up when she called a shove with AQ and beat 55, but then got unlucky when she shoved QQ, got called with 88 and 88 came up with a four card straight. Even the pros can't do it every week.

I didn't do much, I had an up and down start, then I got lucky shoving A3 with about 7 big blinds, and called by AK but hit the 3. Then I shoved 88 and got called by AQ and lost and out about 13,000.

I used to very occasionally play Boyle Poker which is much smaller and they would do these 'play the pro' events and one was $11 and they had about 200 playing and about a dozen or so pros, so there was always a high chance of one being on the table and I had Luke Schwartz directly on my right, so immediately had him sussed for a big source of chips. Early on it folded round to him in the small blind and he limped my big blind - the cheek - and I had Q3 and checked, then flopped a 3 which was bottom pair and he led out - the cheek - so I re-raised and he folded. Go me.

Earlier in the day I won $4 on FT. On FT I appear to be on some sort of bonus system that I don't know anything about. Every now and then they just give me money and when I got knocked out of the $20 thing last week I got $2.50 so this paid me into their 'Little Big Tournament' today. They got about 48,000 with 7,500 getting paid and I came 5,300 or so which was the second payout level. I was unhappy with my knock out hand - I had been comfortable almost all the way, above average etc, no all-ins and called, then after we hit the money, I lost a race against a short--ish stack and ended up short myself. Then I shoved A8 with less than ten big blinds and got called by not one but three people who all had various dodgy combinations of KQ, KJ, QJ, and in spite of me surprisingly having the best hand vs all these callers and them all having each others outs, I still lost.

I also had a decent night just before Christmas - I won an 18 player 6-max $6 sit and go for $40+, won a 1 table 6-max $3 PL Omaha sit and go for $11 (I still don't really know how I do this) and second in a 1 table 6-max hold-em for $6, less the buy-ins obviously, but the account is okay for now.