It started out okay, then not so much. Amazingly FT kept the registration open even longer than Pokerstars do. I got knocked out a few minutes before it closed in about 14,500 and they had 28,000 in then and 3,240 getting paid. 

The structure was longer too, the blinds go up slower and we started with $5,000. I doubled up on the $25/$50 level - someone two to my right had raised to $250 twice in a row.  I tend to think these over-sized open raises tend to be stuff like low pairs and weak aces where they don't really want a call. Then he did it a third time in a row when I had TT on the button. So I think I probably should 3-bet here, but it is still early, so I take a view I likely have a better hand and call and everyone else folds. The flop is 7 high, something like 734 I think with two hearts and of course he continues for about $500 with $575 in the pot which again looks like a lot to me, so I re-raise $1,000 or so and he shoves all in. So now I like it all a lot less - I don't really like calling all in in these sorts of situations and I suppose there is only 88, 99 or A7 that I'm beating (and maybe a flush draw) and more hands I'm losing to. But this is why I mention I think it is important to take a view on what's going on before the flop and I think 5x the big blind is goofy and I don't see why he is playing pocket pairs JJ+ like this either pre or post flop, so I'm not too excited about it but I call and he has 88. Unfortunately he also has more chips than me so I don't knock him out, but he is down to like $300, then someone else knocks him out and gets the $2 after I've done all the hard work.

Then nothing much happens for a bit, I win a few and lose a few and stay +/-$9,000 or so. Then someone gets moved to the table on my left with about $20,000 and he min raises UTG on the $80/$160 level and I have AT in the big blind. A couple of other people call so I do too and the flop is A-high, I think A94 so I check and he bets and everyone folds and I call. Then the turn is a queen and I check call again. Then the river is another ace, so I think I have the best hand a lot of the time. I know all this check calling is a bit rubbish, but I can't see him folding any better hands if I raise so I check call again and he has AQ! So I don't know, I think it might just be a bad situation, especially when the second ace comes, I think he can be doing what he is doing with a lot worse than he has and I don't know how often you want to fold AT on a final board of AAQ94.

Then the very next hand I get AJ in the small blind and the flop is jack-high and I check, this time with the intention of check raising, but the other two check as well, then the turn is a king and they all come out of the woodwork with the K9-type rubbish they called with pre-flop and I fold and in literally a minute I've gone from $9,000 to $2,500 with the blinds approaching $200.

So then I'm really just looking to shove and get AK in the big blind when I have about 12 big blinds left so regardless of what anyone does in front of me, this is of course near-perfect, except what happens in front of me is that everyone folds!

I don't know about anyone else, I find I get a lot of mood swings playing poker. I almost never go on tilt, it is more the opposite. If I win a few hands my confidence goes up and when I lose I few, my self esteem and my own feeling about how good I might or might not be goes down quite fast and I play less hands and fold more and now it is feeling like one of those days when almost nothing goes right!

The AT/AQ hand I didn't feel too bad about, in the end I lost the least but I think I could have made more of my own luck with the AJ.

Anyway, eventually I get 77 in the small blind and I'm down to about $2,000 and the blinds are up to I think $280. I didn't think I had much, if any fold equity on the big stack to my left so had decided to keep it tight, plus I really hadn't had much to even think about shoving. Then again there was a slightly oversized early raise from one of the bigger stacks, I think to about $1000, the button called and it kind of doesn't matter any more so I shove and the original raiser folded - again you see, I think he has low pairs and rubbish aces a lot - then the button calls and he has KTd. Two jacks come on the flop, a queen on the turn and a nine on the river and I'm out.

Still, I got knocked out in time for the Quarter Million (we're up to the first break and I have won exactly one hand!) - I was going to give it a miss if the FT one had been going well. Then I still have $22 for FT, and there is a $22 6-max next Friday I think I will try and depending how that goes there is a $26 6-max knockout next Sunday. I think if I feel like I haven't disgraced myself in the Friday one I might give the Sunday one a go, but if it doesn't go so well I think I won't bother.