Watched the Poker Million final. Revised my view of my Quarter Million exit last week as Howard Lederer was in the big blind with A8, like me and Gus Hansen raised out of the small blind with AJ, Howard shoved with a short-ish stack, and Gus (the chip leader) took forever to call -  (and when I said before I was confused about some of the TV poker players, I did not mean Gus Hansen!). Admittedly this is proper pros with respect for each other playing for a million dollars rather than randoms playing for $11, but I think shoving is the right thing to do, its just unlucky in my case the small blind had KK.

Again I guess you can bear in mind it is serious pros playing for $1m in a 1 table sit and go - and these days even the 'internet qualifiers' are pros or semi-pros - but I didn't see anyone make a serious bluff the whole way through. Sure there were a few button raises, c-bets, light three bets etc, but post flop, I can't remember anything.

Also watched more of the Premier League. Luke Schwartz commentated this week and I was quite looking forward to it, but he did not say much, mumbled a lot and his advice to everyone all the time seemed to be to raise, so it was a little disappointing. Maybe he will get better if he gets more turns! I was v surprised one hand, almost the whole table limped in and the flop was QJ spades and a 6. Roland de Wolfe had 66 for a set and Yevgeniy Timoschenko had QJ for two pairs and I think Roland led out and Yevgeniy called then the turn was a blank and I think Roland led again and Yevgeniy called again, then the river was another spade and Roland checked and Yevgeniy bet and Roland folded and they both showed and Yevgeniy - who I think is usually one of the better ones on TV - came out with some crazy stuff about how he thought they probably had the same hand. I don't know the odds of two people having the same hand and hitting the same two pairs on the flop but it surely isn't very likely. It also goes to show that if you have 66 and flop a set, even the pros have no clue, how can you? Still, I thought the whole thing was all round awful. Roland de Wolfe is one of the people I have in mind who seems to be weirdly terrible on TV. I suppose he must be good with the triple crown thing but he keeps it well hidden on the telly - I've never seen him anywhere close to winning - and seems more concerned with making sure everyone knows how little he cares about throwing away tens of thousands of dollars in buy-ins. Even in the unlikely event that all this money really doesn't matter - and presumably his sponsor is paying some or all of it anyway - but surely at the very least he knows he needs the results to keep coming to keep the sponsorship and keep getting invited back and surely as a pro he is keeping track of ROIs and stuff which must take a pretty big dent if he throws away say £40,000 in a few minutes on the 24 hour cash game. 

I don't know why Poker Stars don't get more involved in the TV stuff. The recent Poker Lounge show in the UK was just an extended advert for Full Tilt. I know Poker Stars do the EPT thing, but sticking a Poker Stars logo on the latest Scandinavian/East European teenager to make a final table isn't quite the same thing if you ask me. 

Anyway, I'm obviously not suggesting anyone else should do this, but The Other Site has the mini FTOPS happening which is reasonably exciting for a low stakes player like me. I have an account there with $0, so I deposited some ($18 for the $11 tourney tomorrow, Sunday). So I had some over and caught a $6 satellite into a $20+2 tonight so I thought I can try that and even if I don't go through I've still got $11 for tomorrow and will be a bonus if I do. Anyway, the actual tournament starts 10pm UK time so it is too late for me, so I unregistered - but the satellite was similar to the $3/$11 on Pokerstars except it was a lot slower with fewer antes, and so it was quite easy to just wait for actual hands and shove - I don't know what everyone else was doing. So I have the buy in for tomorrow and $22 tourney dollars for another one next week with a better start time, even if I don't make any money tomorrow.