I just came 3rd out of 1,610 in the 1FPP qualifier for the UK team of the poker world cup. I won $30 for this, but the winner goes on (I think) into another round to try to make the team. I guess we'll cross this bridge when we come to it, but I think it is probably just as well I won't make the team, as I would be a pretty weak link. 

I had half a shot at maybe winning. I was 2nd when we went down to 3 and nearer 1st than 3rd, but of course the blinds were high and it changes quite fast and I ended up down to third, then I went out with 88 vs A9 and he hit not one but two nines, so can't complain too much I guess.

I haven't watched the last two to see who wins but also I think I had a chance to knock out who I think will win when we were down to about 5. I had ATs  in the big blind and called his button raise and the flop was ten high with two low spades, so I led out hoping to look weak and he re-raised, so I called and the Ks came on the turn, so I led out again and he re-raised again, so I shoved, sort of expecting him to call as he clearly had something, even if I don't really know what, but he thought about it for a minute and folded, then started questioning my integrity in the chat box. I think he might have had a high pair like QQ or maybe even KK. I guess if I had slowed it down, I might have got them all.

When it all goes reasonably well, of course I try to look and why and how this happened. When I play these big field low buy in/freerolls, to be honest all I really do is play super tight. It took four and a half hours so if you say a hand a minute that's about 270, so you will get good hands along the way. I don't think I had a tonne of really good starting hands, or not more than my share, but I think I was especially fortunate in that when I had stuff like AQ, I'd hit a Q high flop and that sort of thing. I had AA once, KK once I don't remember getting AK or QQ at all, and JJ once. I was in a good-ish/above average position almost all the way through and only remember being all-in and at risk twice - once with TT against AJ and once with AQ against JT. These were both around the middle of the tournament and got my stack up so that I mostly had the most chips on the table and didn't have to keep doing it. Oh and one other time, towards, the end, I had my KK and got a couple of callers and the flop was jack high and one of the blinds shoved all in so I called with less chips than him and he had AJ, so I guess that's another time.

I had been meaning to write about qualifying for the Quarter Million but this has now taken up my whole day and I haven't had chance to qualify, so I'll just have to pay the $11 out of the $30.