I also play live. I play in a league in a local pub. It isn't very good. I don't really know anyone else that goes but I quite like some of them and kind of don't like a few. It is a friendly game - we all pay £5 and play for league points and there is quite a wide range of poker talent. Some people are okay and some people you have to tell them its their turn or they fold their big blind when the pot hasn't been raised and you give them their cards back. For some reason you often can't see these people behind the mountain of chips they have somehow accumulated. One guy raised all three streets, then shoved the river, which totally panicked everyone into folding, at which point he announced he had "a pair of aces and a full house" and proudly turned over his cards and was surprised when we explained to him that he actually had a four card straight when he thought he had some monster hand. I suppose it just goes to show - tell yourself you have a monster and act accordingly... One guy is the most insanely irritating slow roller, though to be fair, I don't think he knows he is doing it, I think he thinks is funny and clever. 

I also used to play another local game I found out about. This was £20 to enter and they would get about 30 people and so you can win a reasonable amount. I have to confess, I turned up sort of thinking it would be a few locals and I'd have a good chance, but this wasn't really true. It was full of quite hardcore gamblers and bookies from the local racecourse, and crazy aggressive and I'd have a hard time getting into the game, then I'd suddenly decide enough was enough and draw my line in the sand at completely the wrong moment. Also it was Sunday nights so it sort of got in the way of the Quarter Million and would finish late. So I final tabled it once and that was about it, then one week, they would start a cash game with the people that got knocked out early and there seemed to be a bit of pretty genuine needle between a few of the regulars, then all of a sudden a big fight broke out on the cash table and this one guy got fairly seriously beaten and the police were called - apparently over £1! 

So between this, and the bad timing of the game and my relative lack of success, I went back to the Quarter Million as I think I prefer it at home in my pajamas.