Go me.

The one hand I thought was vaguely interesting was when I got AA. I know this is not interesting and yes I won, but bear with me - what he did is more interesting than what I did.

So, one person limped in early-ish position and one person raised in middle position and I have AA in late position (clubs and hearts) and I'm not sure what to do. In the end I re-raise and the limper folds and the re-raiser calls. The flop is three spades queen high, the raiser checked, so I bet and he shoves (he has a few less than me but not many and the blinds are high-ish)

So here's what I think. He raised a limper and then flatted my re-raise and in the Quarter Million he could be doing this with a lot, but I would lean towards two high cards or a decent (but not very high) pair. Obviously there is generally not much chance he flopped a flush. I think it is like 120 or 130-1, something like that. But with a queen on the board, I would say there is almost no chance at all he flopped a flush, since I think in the circumstances he would need almost exactly AKs or maybe a small amount of the time AJs - either way he needs one of the two remaining aces and more importantly is incredibly unlikely to check raise this flop with those hands. I don't see him doing this with say medium suited connectors, JTs or T9s or whatever - never rule it out in the Quarter Million, he might have 72s for all I know, but I don't think so. 

So I call and he has JJ with a spade and I win and what is interesting is looking at it from his point of view. He's got JJ so, fine, he raises the limper, then I re-raise him, and of course he isn't folding JJ but (presumably) isn't thrilled to get the re-raise and calls. The flop comes with one overcard - and the queen is the least scary overcard, and he's got the decent spade for insurance, so he shoves over my c-bet and none of this looks terrible but I think it is because I'm almost never calling with a worse hand (I've thought about this a lot - if I had say AK with the ace of spades, I might - might - call as it is near 50/50 and I guess your decision to call in this spot depends on your $11 risk/reward feeling, and I'm never folding a better hand - like the one I have. 

Anyway, I built a semi-decent stack - $10,000 or so, then lost some when a short-ish stack shoved and I called with JJ (am I the only one that thinks the same hands often recur in the same tourney???) and he had KK and I lost, plus generally got blinded down.

Then we hit the money ($13!!!), it is usually just before 11pm in the UK and there is a break at 5 to of course. Then right after the break I'm in the big blind with AT with less than ten big blinds and it folds round to the small blind who shoves - with a few more than me but not much - so I call and he has 82. When the flop comes ten high I start assuming I will win and am back in it with a double up, but he runner runners a four card straight to his eight and I'm out. You've just got to get used to it.