I didn't really know what I was doing when I signed up. I did not realise it was a lifetime commitment with no chance of ever changing. I had numerous interesting and witty ideas for names, but every time I typed it in I got a message saying the name was taken and got frustrated. I did English Literature at university and in the end I decided I would try to find some suitably literary sounding word and looked through some poetry book indexes and first lines. In the end I came up with the first line of a Percy Shelley poem, 'when passion's trance is overpast' and typed that in and not surprisingly no one had it already and there is no going back now. 

Then the photo didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped either. It is from the (awesome) Boxer Rebellion cd Union, but hasn't reproduced very well. I tried to do it again, but it turned out just the same and Poker Stars only give you two goes at the picture and am also stuck with that forever. I like the picture, its just a bit fuzzy and small.